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Leading Sensor Technology Is Just the Beginning

Positive Disruption in the Sensor Landscape

For decades, businesses faced hurdle after hurdle when searching for sensor solutions.  Integration, lead time, functionality, and investment all presented their own challenges. This inevitably led to unfortunate compromises in key areas just to put some sort of technology in place as quickly as possible.

This all changed in 2003. Our founders believed there was a better option for customers that wouldn’t involve this kind of sacrifice. That option became BH Sensors, and it turned the entire field on its head.

The Industry Thought Leader

We’re proud to offer you a team comprising some of the brightest minds in technology today. Our interdisciplinary staff holds advanced degrees in electrical and mechanical engineering, physics, quantum electronics, microwaves and RF engineering, and embedded computer science.

More important than the academics, though, is how we apply that expertise. Our scientists and engineers have years of hands-on experience designing, fabricating, and prototyping the most innovative sensor solutions. We’re constantly raising the industry bar, as shown by our growing number of worldwide patents.

Whiteboard Approach to Sensors

We’re not the kind of me-too, off-the-shelf operation that was your only option for so many years. Our thought leadership allows us to start on your solution with a clean sheet of paper, literally. We believe in building sensors and sensor systems from the ground up.

This is what we call our whiteboard approach. One-size-fits-all is nowhere near good enough when it comes to optimizing sensors for your products. That’s why we emphasize customization for every single one of our clients.

Unmatched Agility

Innovation comes from capability, not from size. In an enterprise-dominated industry, we’ve deliberately maintained a tight-knit, family-owned business to stay nimble and accessible. Our clients also benefit from credentials others may not have. For instance, our core technology is preapproved and qualified by the Department of Defense, allowing us to skip the red tape, save you expensive testing costs, and turn around solutions more quickly.

This makes us the preferred sensor partner across both public and private markets. Our clients span defense, aerospace, manufacturing, transportation, material handling, and automation, among others. It also makes us a trusted contact for outlets like Inc. and HuffPost when they need expert insights right away.

Together, these things have combined to produce the world’s most advanced sensors and sensing systems. We’re committed to creating more robust, accurate, and cost-effective solutions that go to market faster than anything you’ll find elsewhere.

Get in touch today to talk directly to our experts about your unique sensor needs.

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