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BH Sensors develops and licenses uncompromising sensor technology for government, industrial and commercial markets.


A New Way of Thinking About Sensors and Sensing Systems

BH Sensors emerged in response to a growing need for advanced, accurate, and cost-effective sensor solutions. We operate under the belief that accurate, robust, and economical aren’t mutually exclusive. With the right technology and development process in place, you shouldn’t have to choose one or the other.

We have years of hands-on experience designing systems that meet modern business needs in this very way. Top universities, research facilities, and Fortune 500s from all over the world regularly seek out our applied R&D engineers for their technical insights. We proudly integrate all of this expertise into the solutions we design to custom-fit your technology.

In Our Lab Innovation Is Routine

Traditional sensors involve numerous components and steps that only complicate design. Signal conditioning, amplifiers, intermediary electronics, analog-to-digital converters—all of this and more slow time to market, add room for error, and drive up spend.

Our patented technology removes these unnecessary pieces. By manipulating the natural electromagnetic fields in supporting structures, we’ve created much more efficient and dependable sensors and systems. We deploy this technology to monitor critical physical parameters, including temperature, force, load, pressure, displacement, proximity, and torque.

The result is a superior solution that maintains high accuracy without the high cost. This applies as much to a form, fit, and enhanced-functional replacement for an obsolete sensor as it does to a new, first-of-its-kind sensor solution.

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Our Promise to You

When we talk about the BH Advantage, we’re talking about a promise. You’ll never receive a me-too, off-the-shelf solution. You’ll never be forced to sacrifice one quality for another. And you’ll never have to worry about overspending on an underwhelming product.

Our versatile technology and whiteboard approach benefit you in three key ways:

  • Innovation: Our respected thought leaders keep pushing the boundary of what’s possible with sensors further and further. We’ll provide you with the most advanced solution available, period.
  • Performance: Our passion lies in creatively realizing our designs to support your business. We offer exceptional technology that’s accurate, scalable, rugged, and optimized for your needs.
  • Value: We actively minimize material and manufacturing costs. You should never have to pay more than you need to. That includes the long-term cost of ownership beyond the sensor itself.

Defense Solution Specialists

We’ve designed our sensors and sensing systems to meet the highest of military standards. The technology we develop for you has already been approved and qualified by the US Department of Defense, instantly accelerating your project timeline. This combines with enhanced functionality and the ability to work within your existing configuration and footprint to offer unrivaled long-term value.

Our solutions are being applied and deployed to challenging defense applications across all branches of the US military. DoD qualifications include electrical, shock, vibration, environmental, and EMI/EMC.

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We’re Ready to Support You

We’ve provided a range of sensors and sensor systems to numerous Tier 1 public and private businesses as well as the military. Now we want to do the same for you. Let’s talk about how our team of experts can customize a best-in-class solution that puts you a step ahead.

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