High-Accuracy, Low-Capacity Weight Scale

This single sensor scale can measure a resolution of 100gms x 0.1gm. Its fully-rated capacity can be overloaded by 100X and it will still function within specifications after removing the overload. The scale is resistant to side loads, and its deflecting portion features a simple mechanical design. Constructed of a single piece of aluminum, the low-cost device works well with our technology, yet it’s virtually impossible to implement using state-of-the-art strain gauge technology elsewhere.

3000lb Industrial Waste-Bin Scale

Four independent low-profile load cells measure the load carried by a waste bin. Simply add each cell’s measured weight together to calculate total bin weight. There’s no need for the type of cornering, calibration, signal conditioning, and processing that’s standard for strain gauge-based scales. Watch our demonstration to see how these load cells continue to function within spec of 1lb resolution despite the abuse they take during normal operations.

On-Board Vehicle-Weighing System and Sensor

This sensor lets drivers see their vehicles’ load weights by measuring the deflection of the chassis rails. The clamp-on sensor and associated in-cab display measure load-capacity efficiency within 1–3% of full-rated load. It costs significantly less than traditional load-cell-based on-board weighing techniques. More importantly, it all but eliminates truck-outfitting time since body removal isn’t necessary for certification or for installation, which now takes only 45 minutes.


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