Our Patented Sensor Technology
Where Innovation Meets Customization at a Fraction of the Cost

Our Adaptability Puts You in Control

You won’t find a more versatile sensor and sensing system developer anywhere in the world. Our whiteboard approach uses your unique needs as the foundation of what becomes your solution.

What seems like such an obvious method isn’t possible without the tools to make it happen. The proprietary technology we’ve patented globally allows us to do just this. Supported by the continual innovation of our widely-respected R&D team, our technology overcomes many of the limitations often found elsewhere in the industry.

Partnering with BH Sensors means you’ll never need to worry about:

  • Limited construction materials that don’t fit or drive up the price
  • Being locked into a specific footprint due to generic products
  • Trading accuracy for cost or other important features
  • Reliability in harsh or abusive environments
  • Constant field calibration or maintenance
  • Jumping through hoops with the Department of Defense

From Thought Leadership to Technical Application

As history has shown, big steps forward often come from small ideas. In our case, we simply took an existing problem in one area and turned it into a solution in another.

Our innovation revolves around electromagnetic (EM) fields. These fields transport energy from point to point and are used in everything from TVs to cell phones to cutting-edge industrial devices. Transportation requires transmission lines such as coax cables, fiber optics, etc., that shield fields from their surroundings.

Properly-functioning transmission lines deliver EM fields to end users with little energy loss. Poorly-constructed or performing lines cause fields to “leak” out. In almost any case this is wasteful and costly. The exception, we realized, is when it comes to sensors.

Our solution doesn’t fix this leak, it deliberately causes it. Using the perturbation principle, we control how EM fields stray into the environment to turn a non-sensor transmission structure into a displacement sensor. This is the basis for the patented non-contact EM-sensing technology we use in our superior Tier 1 applications:

  • Force, torque, load, and weight sensors
  • Pressure, temperature, and acceleration sensors
  • Proximity sensors
  • Material characterization sensors
  • OEM systems
  • Wireless systems
  • Embedded systems


What Our Enabling Technology Means for You

We enjoy offering demonstrations of the science and engineering behind the sensors we develop for you. Of course, even more interesting is how these advances translate directly to your business.

First, we optimize the mechanical and electrical structures independently. This lets us customize the solution specifically for you. In other words, we start with a clean slate and move forward based on your application rather than shoehorning in a predetermined setup. Your development timelines, time to market, and manufacturing costs consequently all go down.

The other key feature is the simplicity and inherent digital output of our electronics. You don’t need all the extra devices—signal conditioning, amplifiers, analog-to-digital converters—that have always been required. This drastically reduces downstream electronics, thus increasing reliability and savings.

As a result, our solutions give you a significant market advantage previously unavailable since the technology didn’t exist. Our configuration enhances robustness and accuracy while costing less than other solutions that can’t even make the same performance promises.

Let’s Build Your Solution

For unbeatable products, you need unbeatable technology. We look forward to wiping down the whiteboard so we can start drawing up a custom system for your business.

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