The BH Advantage

Superior Sensor Innovation, Performance, and Value

While Others Meet Some Needs, We Meet Them All

Sensing systems are as complex as they are crucial when it comes to your technology. It can be frustrating trying to find a solution that doesn’t force you to trade cost for accuracy or volume for functionality.

We don’t force you to make that decision. Instead, we develop products that feature everything you want in a sensor:

  • Market Differentiation: Innovation helps distinguish you in any field. Our applied R&D is best in class.
  • Robust Solution: Technical capability and accuracy are paramount. We don’t compromise here, ever.
  • Reduced Costs: No other developer can offer high-value, high-volume solutions without sacrificing quality.

Our Whiteboard Approach Makes This Possible

When our founders launched BH Sensors, they disrupted the sensor industry. All of a sudden, a small, private business began offering better technology than established corporations while streamlining customer costs.

Not only that, but it turned the sales and implementation process completely around. No longer did buyers need to choose a preexisting solution, hope it would fit well, and then settle for “good enough” if it didn’t. The real value came from the fact that what they bought was made for them, not for someone else.

This whiteboard approach to problem-solving is as innovative as our technology itself. We start with a blank canvas. We have no preconceived notions and aren’t locked into any one material, configuration, or topology. This not only lets us design a solution exclusively for your business, it also eliminates any tunnel vision that would prevent us from spotting other ways to optimize performance.

The result is a form-fitting sensor that achieves your goals and respects your budget.

Our Customers Benefit in 3 Major Ways

Put These Benefits to Work For Your Business

Our BH Advantage is your competitive advantage. We invite you to learn more about how our solutions will equip you with the sensor technology you need to excel.

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