Military Proximity Sensor Family (MIL-PRF-24711B)

This is a form, fit, and enhanced-function replacement for obsolete and end-of-life Department of Defense switches, representing a family of 18 different proximity switches and sensors. The entire family of both AC and DC models have been qualified and meet MIL-STD-461G EMI (above [200V/m] and below deck operation) and MIL-PRF-24711B requirements.  This includes MIL-S-901 (shock), MIL-STD-167-1 (vibrations), and MIL-STD-1399-300 (shipboard electrical power interface).  

 * Manufacturing and sales licensed to Eaton Corp.

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E56 Armor Prox Proximity Sensor

Industrial Proximity Sensor

This sensor features the industry-standard 30mm diameter form and has a sensing range of 40mm. Among its advances is the ability to sense both conductive and nonconductive targets. It can also be configured to have either a digital or analog output interface. Ethernet interface shown.


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